“The Offensive Internet,”edited by University of Chicago Law School, Professor Saul Levmore & Professor Martha Nussbaum.
“The Internet Anonymity Problem,” argues that on the Internet speech is absurdly free — more free, for instance, than the proverbial writing on the bathroom wall. Levmore cites a case in which the owner of a bar was found liable for defamatory graffiti in his bar’s bathroom, which he failed to remove despite knowing about it. And yet his modern-day equivalent, an Internet service provider or website administrator, is explicitly protected from that kind of liability by the Communications Decency Act. At least the bathroom wall, Levmore points out, serves another purpose; many websites, like the now-defunct JuicyCampus, exist solely for the purpose of anonymous libel and rumor-mongering. Today the bathroom wall is permanent, global, and has a search box.