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Google CEO Eric Schmidt Convicted of Defamation in France for “Google Suggest” Function

Google’s ill-famed “Search Suggest” algorithm is kind of fun and mildly amusing whenever it reads our minds successfully; but it’s a torment when your company trademark is accompanied by “defraud”. One French man has won an Internet libel action against Google and its chief executive officer Eric Schmidt in his editorial capacity at Google head quarters in California. The court concluded that Mr. Schmidt was ultimately responsible for prompting words akin to “satanist” and “rapist” after the petitioner’s name. Evidently in this situation the plaintiff has previously been convicted for “corruption of a minor”; thus Google might have a good argument in the potential appeal.

Defamation is a felony in most EU nations, as it is in seventeen US states. I am not sure if this case is civil or criminal. The €1 judgment suggests that the Court perceived that the complainant is a low life, effectively valuing his character at zero. I support the precedent, but can’t bring myself to rejoice considering this man’s prior convictions.

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