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Carla Franklin’s NY Law Suit: Championing Reform for Cyber-Harassment Legislation with FSV3.ORG Founder

Carla’s Official Statement

I, Carla Franklin, have been the subject of recent media regarding my petition for information of Google, Inc, regarding an ongoing matter of harassment. This unfortunate and unwanted media buzz occurred when the August 17, 2010 petition, known as an Order to Show Cause (not a lawsuit for money) was leaked to or shown to the press without my knowledge or consent.

Several news articles have been written about my case; most were inaccurate, relied upon limited information in the court filing and took details out of context.

The truth about me is that I am management consultant, who has been gainfully employed as a full-time consultant since receiving my undergraduate degree.

I have been dealing with ongoing obsessive and harassing behavior since 2006. Despite ignoring phone calls, e-mails, changing my number, trying to be nice, and hoping that the obsessive behavior would stop, the behavior continued over a four-year period. Last year, things escalated online. An anonymous YouTube account was created to make a YouTube channel or “shrine” dedicated to me, using video clips of me talking to a friend. The personal information that was included and the obsessive, “shrine-like” nature of this You-Tube channel scared me. Several weeks after the YouTube “shrine” was removed, another anonymous YouTube account was created and used to comment on video clips of me created by Columbia Business School. The comment left on the clips was “whore.”

I am asking Google, Inc. for information about the person who is harassing me online because I believe it is equally as dangerous as the harassment that has occurred in person, and if I pursue legal remedies I don’t want anonymous online activities to be excluded from this person’s damaging pattern of behavior.

In Summary:

(1) I am not seeking money from Google/YouTube. I am following the normal, required process to seek information. Because internet harassment laws are currently non-existent, I had to pursue a civil route to gather information on my harasser. If these activities had happened through the mail, over the phone, or in person, I could have gone directly to law enforcement to remedy the issue. Tougher internet legislation (like the Stalker Act of 2010) needs to be passed.

(2) Google/YouTube and other internet product providers have invested limited time and resources into measures that allow individuals to protect themselves from harassment and stalking.

My case is about a pattern of online and offline abuse and the right of an individual like myself to link these two elements in a legal case. There are laws to protect us from harassment in person. The internet should not become an anonymous place for harassers to hide. Criminal behavior is not protected by the first amendment. For more detail on the mater, please see the linked image above.

Current criminal laws protecting citizens against cyber-harassment are scant or non-existent. Those who find themselves at the mercy of “anonymous” trolls and online bullies generally have to use civil measures of “Defamation” or “Copyright Infringement” to get information from Google, Yahoo, and other online content providers in order to pursue criminal remediation against harassers. Legislation must be passed to protect others from the same behavior that I, Erin Andrews, and most recently Tyler Clementi had to endure. More unnecessary tragedy and suffering will occur until the laws catch-up with the crimes of the internet.

Watch the followup interview : Carla Franklin on CBS Morning Show October 20, 2010

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5 Responses to “Carla Franklin’s NY Law Suit: Championing Reform for Cyber-Harassment Legislation with FSV3.ORG Founder”

  • Victoria:

    I am fighting both Google and Yahoo right now to reveal who is telling others to use me as “target practice” as I teach people to stop the anti-government activists from protesting what they don’t understand. Does your attorney know one in L.A. who would like to take my case?

  • John Brewington:

    Carla Franklins has a huge amount of courage and seems to have displayed it with grace and dignity that someone tried to remove from her.

    Pioneers like her and a few others will get things changed and maybe put a few intenet nut jobs in prison or bankrupt them.

  • Shawn Richeson:

    Ed Magedson owns a web site called He has been sued so many times, I have lost track. Ed Magedson has a notorious online reputation for being a cyber bully. He actually pays people to write up fake stories using fake identities. Then after it annoys and embarrasses a person or business to the point they cant take it any more, Ed Magedson offers to help you out for thousands of dollars by burying the vary stories or reports that he or his surrogates write up. I have acquired a recorded conversation from one of Ed Magedson’s employees that spell out his scam; listen to this:

  • I congratulate Carla for a job well done. You have thousands of people in your corner!

  • Hi Carla and others,

    In regard to this matter at hand, and about Ed Magedson, ripoff and and to the other people whom like destroying others for fun, I say this. For the very reasons that these people do this, is why the PHP clone scripts, Report A Ripoff, FearlessBlogging, and ReportAComplaint have been developed. All of the scripts, if used right, and by true and honest, and ethical people, can help you to fight back against Ed Magedson, and others whom love to destroy people for fun or for money. I can be reached at: (800) 922-5170, Ext. 701. You can also visit the website for more details and help. You can also visit YouTube and look for the video I created: Ripoff Report PHP Script to find out more about these scripts. We all have to do something about these clowns.

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